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Global sodium silicate market trend 2022-2028 Sodium Silicate Supplier by Newstheister

Sodium silicate is a kind of inorganic substance and its chemical formula is Na2O·nSiO2. It is a colorless, slightly colored translucent or transparent bulk vitreous body. Its aqueous solution, also known as water glass, waterglass, or liquid glass, is a kind of mineral adhesive. It is a soluble inorganic silicate with a wide range of applications.
N=SiO2/Na2O (molar ratio), it is the modulus of sodium silicate. Modulus is an important parameter of sodium silicate, which is generally between 1.5 and 3.5. The larger the modulus of sodium silicate is, the more difficult it is to dissolve in water. When n is constant, warm water can dissolve; when n increases, hot water is needed to dissolve. When n is greater than 3, steam at more than 4 atmospheric pressure is needed to dissolve.
The larger the modulus of sodium silicate is, the more the content of Si is, and the viscosity of sodium silicate increases, which is easy to decompose and harden, and the bonding force increases. Moreover, the degree of polymerization of sodium silicate with different modulus is different, which leads to significant differences in the silicic acid components in its hydrolysate, which have an important influence on production and application, so sodium silicate with different modulus has different uses.
Sodium silicate can be divided into liquid sodium silicate and solid sodium silicate.
Liquid sodium silicate
Liquid Na2O·nSiO2 is distinguished according to the different ratio of quartz sand to alkali and different kinds of alkali, and the appearance is viscous liquid. The colors of different brands of products are obviously different, from colorless to gray and black. There are neutral Na2O·nSiO2, alkaline Na2O·nSiO2, weakly basic Na2O·nSiO2 and compound Na2O·nSiO2.
Solid sodium silicate
Solid-state Na2O·nSiO2 is an intermediate product with a light blue appearance. The Na2O·nSiO2 formed by dry casting is bulk and transparent, while the Na2O·nSiO2 formed by wet water quenching is granular, which can only be used when transformed into liquid Na2O·nSiO2. The common Na2O·nSiO2 solid products are block solid, powder solid, instant sodium silicate, zero water sodium metasilicate, pentahydrate sodium metasilicate and sodium orthosilicate.

What is sodium silicate used for?
Sodium silicate is the most valuable filler in the soap industry. Mixing sodium silicate into laundry soap can slow down the alkalinity of laundry soap, reducing the loss of laundry soap in water, enhancing washing ability, and preventing soap from rancidity.
Sodium silicate plays a role in helping washing, anticorrosion and stabilizing foam in synthetic detergents.
Can be used as a filler for papermaking.
Used for manufacturing silica gel and silica gel.
Used as a binder in the foundry industry, bonding sand and clay, making all kinds of moulds and cores.

What is the other name of sodium silicate?
Sodium silicate is a kind of inorganic salt with silicate as counterion. It is also known as sodium metasilicate or water glass.

What does sodium silicate do to concrete?
Sodium silicate can be used as alkali activator in alkali active cement. In concrete, it is used as setting accelerator and in the form of silicate mineral coating to enhance waterproofing and durability.

Sodium Silicate Powder Price
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Sodium Silicate Powder Supplier
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