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What Powder is Used for Metal 3D Printing

What is the powder used for 3D Printing on Metal?

Flowability: A key characteristic for powders made of metal is their flexibility to transfer fluids through the 3D printer. Material with greater flowability can be manipulated more easily and produce solid layers and products. Additionally they tend to make less products with uneven layers. The better flowability of powder makes it more straightforward to manufacture a 3D product.

Stainless steel 316L powder

Powder made of stainless steel 316L has been extensively studied for its impact on AM. It's a representative material and the results can therefore be applied to other metal alloys. The distribution of the powder's size, as determined using the 4S methodology, is 9.43 mm. A particle's shape-factor (PSF) is close to one. The powder's properties are summarized in Table 1.


The most commonly used metal alloy used in 3D printing is titanium. It is a remarkably strong and durable metal that is ideal for creating functional parts prototypes, components, and other products for aerospace, military as well as automotive applications. Titanium is also biocompatible and is typically used for medical implants.

The advantages that titanium powder offer are numerous The material has gained popularity in additive manufacturing applications. It is nearly half in weight than steel, and its unique properties make it an ideal candidate for printing 3D. Titanium is extremely light, resistant to heat and chemically resistant, and is biocompatible. One of its many strengths is that titanium is especially helpful in applications in motor vehicles and aerospace where the weight of the item is vital.


Niobium powder is a fantastic material to use in 3D printing using metal since it is bio inert and easy to process. During additive manufacturing, it is used to produce niobium compounds which are used to produce aerospace parts and engines. This process is known as"laser-based (or laser) powder bedfusion (also known as SLM) which makes use of a laser to selectively melt the powder in order to create metals.

Niobium is chemically comparable metal to tantalum and its melting areas are similar. They also have the same electrical and thermal conductivity. These properties make them well-suited to chemical processes. In fact, they're employed in the manufacturing of capacitors and different electrical equipment.

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